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WIAW and a Restaurant Review

Eating out at a new restaurant is probably one of my favorite things to do (my best friend doesn’t call me “nerd” for nothin!).  So when my other best friend Kate agreed to go to Selba for dinner tonight, I was a happy girl!

But first, I decided to hop on the “What I Ate Wednesday” train and share with you some of my earlier eats.  I have always loved reading the WIAW posts, because for someone like me who likes trying new meals, but sometimes doesn’t take the time to think of them (hello, my name is Sara and I am a creature of habit), I am able to get new and healthy ideas.  Like I have said before, I am trying to branch out by eating different things for breakfast (who knew there was a world beyond oatmeal!) and adding what I like to call “flavor flare” to my lunch salads.  I can’t say the same for snacks though, they have pretty much stayed the same.  One step at a time…

OK, I know I had this for breakfast yesterday (insert foot into mouth now) but I swear, relatively speaking, this is a new one for me !

Whole wheat wrap with almond butter, banana, strawberries, cinnamon

I contemplated adding chia seeds to the mix, but was not sure how I would feel about the little crunchies in my wrap.  I usually like them mixed into smoothies and overnight oats, but am not keen on just sprinkling them on my food.  How does everyone else feel about that?

My lunch was DElicious!  Last night when I was preparing for today, I quickly tried to come up with some flavor flare for today’s salad.  I had gotten home from the cookout a little later than expected, so haphazardly threw this together.  It worked.  Maybe I think better on my feet?

Green salad with edamame, tomatoes, grilled chicken, white bean pesto (white beans + 1 tbsp pesto = easy peasy), red pepper flakes, balsamic drizzle.

Snacks were the usual (and I was pretty busy at work and forgot to snap pics) but they consisted of an apple, cottage cheese, and some cashews throughout the afternoon.  That would make some boring pics anyway…

I was pretty hungry when I got home and still had about 2 hours until dinner, so I quickly heated up some squash puree, after which I added a pat of Earth Balance and some honey

Not to mention I prepped for tomorrow’s lunch by boiling the beets I got at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.

Oops…that might be considered cheating on WIAW…that’s Thursday.  Sorry!

Now on to the highlight of the night:

I had such a good time!  It has been forever since Kate and I have been able to catch up (life gets in the way, ya know?), but our friendship is just like riding a bike.  OK, that might sound weird, but what I mean is we are able to pick up where we left off.  We chatted a bit at her place before leaving for the restaurant.  We got to talking about blogging, food and fitness (duh) and she opened my eyes to something amazing–and clever might I add:

Frozen cubes of soy milk! The reason I am so excited about this new discovery is because it solves all my problems.  Well not all of them, but those pertaining to smoothies.  You see, I don’t like to use ice when making smoothies; I believe it gives them a watered down taste and there are always bits that don’t get “blenderized.”  Therefore, I have always turned to frozen pieces of banana to be used instead.  But considering the fact that sometimes I don’t want bananas in my smoothies, coupled with the fact that I prefer to use fresh fruit…let’s just say I let it slide.  Don’t sweat the small stuff right? Reminder: I can be picky…and Kate’s trick allows me to be!  So since I always use some kind of milk (soy, dairy, coconut, almond)…BAM! kill those two suckers with one stone…or ice cube…all I’m saying is that I will definitely use this.

Selba’s hit the spot; I want to preface this with telling you that Richmond does not have many places to eat like this (that I know of).  The menu is fresh, local, and incorporates a variety of food catering to many different dietary needs (in fact, it categorizes its selections as Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten-Free).  To provide you with some background information,

“Selba’s mission is to honor the food that we serve and the oldest of traditions…the meal. We promise to make it healthy and flavorful, and to serve you in an atmosphere that makes you comfortable and happy. Our menu features fresh, natural ingredients from local and regional farmers. We will tell you what is in the food you eat, and where it came from. In short, we believe that you should get to know your food.”

This restaurant could not sound any more up my alley, plus the atmosphere is just as great.  Soon after Kate and I sat down, we were given a small appetizer consisting of feta dip/tortilla chip

We quickly learned that it was “Wine Wednesday” (What I Ate & Wine Wednesday?  I think I’m on to something here), so we decided to partake and order a bottle of the featured white wine

To order, we both had the same idea.  For me:

Apple and walnut salad, Smoked Salmon Flatbread (Honey lemon smoked salmon, crème fraiche, lemon, thyme, capers)

I highly enjoyed the flatbread; I only wish it had more salmon on it, but all-in-all, a good dish.

For Kate: Beet arugula salad, lamb flatbread (Braised lamb shoulder, mint-yogurt sauce, grilled red onion, feta, kalamata olives)

Not done yet…dessert consisted of chocolate coconut milk ice cream that had a hint of almond.  To. Die. For.

This must be a time for firsts, because I had never had coconut ice cream before.  Kate, who has recently gotten into Crossfit and has tried the Paleo diet, actually had some in her freezer at home, so I decided to check out the nutritional info for my own knowledge and also to share:

10g of fiber?? Not too shabby.  This might just become a staple in my kitchen.

Without a doubt, a very fun night!  With that I bid Wednesday goodbye.

Question: What is a clever kitchen/food tip or trick you have learned?



  1. 1) That restaurant looks amazing and I’m making you take me there next time I’m in Richmond. 2) That ice cube trick is GENIUS! I go through the same mental questions when deciding what to put in my smoothies. I think I’m going to purchase Xantham gum soon–it’s sort of pricey but apparently a pinch of it makes smoothies SUPER thick like a milkshake!

    • Interesting…I always though Xanthum gum was a preservative. Show’s how much I know! And LL, I just looked it up online and it says a bag is $66?! Whoa…it must be magic or something

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