Posted by: saramcglothlin | May 27, 2012

Quinoa for Breakfast

As I was writing the recap on my trip to the river, I tried something new and different for breakfast (told ya I would!).  Well, it’s not that different, but Laura Lea and I were recently talking about how to incorporate more quinoa into our lives.  While I still love a good ole’ bowl of oatmeal, the health benefits of quinoa seem to outweigh those of oats.  Before doing some research, these are some of the good qualities I associated with the grain:

  • Quinoa is the only grain considered a “complete protein.” –> Now, I never knew what this actually meant to be a complete protein, so of course I looked it up:  Most whole grains do not contain the amino acid lysine, or contain very little lysine. Quinoa, however, supplies this amino acid along with the other eight essential amino acids in amounts that are balanced well for the needs of humans. Quinoa also has a relatively high amount of protein for a grain at 13.8 percent protein. Source: Livestrong
  • It also consists of fiber and many other vitamins and minerals. –> I was not totally sure what they all were, but now I know!  Magnesium is the super-star, which aids in cardio-vascular health.  I consider this very important, especially for women with heart disease being so prevalent.
  • Quinoa is very versatile. –> I have always just served it as a side for dinner.  I never did much with it; it wasn’t until recently that I stepped up my game and instead of cooking it with water, I made the switch to vegetable or chicken stock (it makes a difference, trust me).  I elaborated further last week when I “winged it” and made red pepper quinoa with goat cheese.

But this morning, I was pleasantly surprised with my concoction!

Quinoa breakfast bowl.  In the mix

  • 1/4 c dry quinoa
  • 1/2 c soy milk
  • 1/2 mashed banana, stirred in before it completely cooks
  • cinnamon
  • blueberries + the other 1/2 of the banana sliced on top
  • almond butter blob

What I particularly like about using quinoa instead of oats was the crunchy texture and nutty flavor.  Sometimes I don’t really like the mushy texture of oatmeal, I need more substance, which quinoa provides.  The almond butter went perfectly with it, but then again, when doesn’t it??

I then headed off to BodyStep at the gym.  I. Love. BodyStep.  I swear it feels like dancing.  Plus, the instructor on Sunday mornings is a riot and keeps her class laughing the entire time.  I honestly have so much fun.

I stopped by ET’s on the way home to pick up some goods for lunch.  I browsed through the aisles like a kid in a candy shop, finally deciding what I was going to eat.  I came away with a couple impulse buys as well

I used to always have protein-powder on hand a couple of years ago.  I stopped consuming it because something didn’t feel right about the brand I was using.  It felt almost unnatural to be putting it in my body, especially when I couldn’t understand half of the ingredients.  Also, I wasn’t a body-builder, so I felt like I didn’t need the extra protein.  My theory could be totally misconstrued, but for me, I wanted to stop eating it at the time, so I did.  However, the thought of incorporating a little extra protein in smoothies, pancakes, and even baked goods has not left the back of my mind.  After learning that Peaceful Planet Rice Protein Powder has nothing but “Non-GMO rice protein concentrate…and Peace” listed in its ingredients, I felt better about giving it another try.  Per a one scoop serving, it contains 90 calories and 16g of protein.  I am actually looking forward to trying it out.

The wheat grass shot was kind of a joke.  I have never had wheat grass before in anything, but the other night, the boyfriend was trying to do an impression of me…and went on and on about how I eat wheat grass and vegetables…I guess you had to be there (and I was cracking up) but never once have I had wheat grass.  However I was inspired, and decided to pick up a packet.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet, but I will keep you posted.

For lunch, I made a salad at the salad bar and topped it with a few items of flavor flare:

Kale & spinach mix, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, ET’s black bean-red pepper hummus, 1/2 avocado, O&V dressing


I also had a bowl of watermelon and mango on the side.  A little taste of summer!

I’m off to walk a friend’s dog.  See ya!



  1. Ohhh so glad you tried the breakfast quinoa! How crunchy is it? Would you want it over oatmeal or they’re both good in their own ways?

    • Not too “crunchy” per se but just had more texture than oats. I was thinking of using both oats and quinoa next time but I think they would be good together or separate

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