Posted by: saramcglothlin | May 30, 2012

Breakfast, Lunch, and a Butt-Kicking Workout in Between

Hello friends!  I refrained from making this a WIAW post because I have too much to share before I leave for the beach tonight.  Speaking of, stay tuned for another post later this afternoon in which I will discuss eating healthy on the road.  It will entail some pre-planning of meals and snacks in order to avoid fast food restaurants at all costs!

The rain was coming down hard this morning which made me feel super lazy.  I allowed myself to lay in bed for about 30 minutes before getting up.  Right before my roommate left for an interview (congrats on getting the job, M!), she exclaimed how jealous she was of my ability to lounge around and watch movies all day.  That comment made me wonder if my best friend truly knows me…

Even though I am on vacation, I am not the type of person who will do nothing with my day.  Like I said last week, I want to use this time off from work to do the things I don’t normally get to do (try new exercise classes, make new recipes, finish my book, blog!).  So far, I have accomplished everything on my list, with the exception of reading the rest of my book, which will happen right after writing this post.

It was a little chillier this morning (70 degrees but I swear I’m cold-blooded), so I immediately whipped myself up a bowl of oatmeal.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any fresh berries in my fridge as I am going out of town for the rest of the week, but I really wanted something else besides banana in my oats.  I pulled out my frozen blackberries, nuked them in the microwave for 40 seconds, and voila!  Fresh berries.  This actually worked really well because they were juicier after warming them up, which added a hint of natural sweetness (and color!).

1/2 c soy milk, 1/2 c water, 1/3 c oat bran, 1/2 mashed banana, 1 tbsp flax seed, 1 egg white, blackberries, cinnamon, almond butter blob

So good!  It tasted like a hearty blackberry cobbler.  I loved how the flax seed added an extra “graininess” to the mix.  I decided to incorporate the ingredient after listening to Kathy Freston’s interview yesterday, who put a strong emphasis on Omega-3s and flax seed in particular.  I have always known people (especially in the healthy living blog community) to add it in oatmeal, and while I do bake with it from time to time, I have usually left it out or the fear of adding extra calories to what I already consider a big bowl of breakfast.  But I need to remember that way of thinking is ridiculous; flax seeds are good for you; and adding them in  does my body more good than harm.  Plus I needed the extra calories after the exercise class I put myself through…

really wanted to do another barre class this morning.  First of all, I was not as sore as I thought I would be, and secondly, it worked all the right areas and made me feel so good.  However, I couldn’t talk myself into spending $15 more on another class, especially when I have a gym membership.  I was also craving some cardio.  I looked at the classes being offered at the gym and found the perfect solution” Butts, Guts, & Cardio.

“Guts, Butts + Cardio” is a one-hour group exercise class which consists of cardio, glute and leg muscle sculpting, abdominal exercises and stretching.

I have done this class in the past but didn’t find it to be challenging enough.  As soon as I saw the instructor teaching this morning’s class however, I knew she would make it worth my while.  Holy crap it kicked my butt (pun intended).  The first 30 minutes was a cardio workout using the step, which was exactly what I wanted!  The entire drive to the gym I wished I was heading to BodyStep, so I got my fill to say the least.  The remaining 30 minutes used exercise bands, weight plates, and hand weights.

I had never used an exercise band before, but after today, I understand it to be quite the tush-toner!

Imagine holding one of these to your chest, while doing jumps and squats on and off the step…ouch is right.

By the end, I was sweating profusely.  The instructor warned us that while we might feel uncomfortable during, we would feel great and strong afterwards.  She was right.  I wish my schedule allowed me to do classes like this more often!

After getting a pedicure (which I could not have timed more perfectly), I headed home to have lunch.  On the menu:

Kale & cabbage salad with cucumber, ET’s baked tofu bites, apple slices, walnuts, feta, O&V dressing; side of butternut squash puree

Really liked the combination of the kale and cabbage.  I got the idea from Haley’s blog after seeing her WIAW post.  I know it is not rocket science to put the two together, but her picture inspired me!

Now I need to go finish my book before the beach…be back soon!



  1. Glad you liked the salad! I need to add kale and cabbage together at home some time for sure. I love exercise bands! My best friend knows me so well that she got me one for my birthday last year 😉

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