Posted by: saramcglothlin | June 4, 2012

Two Restaurant Reviews

I’m so sad to see both my vacation and birthday come to an end (but I’m sure y’all are ready for me to talk about something else!).

Lunch at Stella’s

Amazing.  I have heard people rave about this restaurant many a’ time, but had yet to experience it for myself.  Patrick had made dinner reservations for tonight, but once he found out my girlfriends wanted to take me out, he cancelled them as we have celebrated plenty.  That is why I suggested it to my parents for lunch.  We were all very pleased.  I even got my dad to try their signature hummus, and he loved it.  This was a huge feat-old fashion southern man from Petersburg, VA has never once tasted hummus (and doesn’t tend to try new things at his age).  Delicious.

Black Kale Salad with the hummus & Tabouli appetizer

My mom helped me with the hummus, but as for the salad, it didn’t stand a chance:

Organic black tuscan kale, kasseri cheese, almond, fresh lemon, champagne dijon, dusted with kefalograviera, a sheep’s milk cheese


When we returned back to my apartment, I had some goodies waiting for me to unwrap…

Cookbooks and kitchen tools galore!  Flipping through the cookbooks, there is a lot of traditional, southern fare, so my mind was already spinning how I could healthify many of them.  But my #1 gift…

Another brand new toy!  I had told my mom that my hand mixer broke a couple of months back, and although I have made do, it’s not so easy making cookies and other baked goods with just a whisk or wooden spoon.  I have always “oohed and aahed” over this baby she keeps in her kitchen, so she thought it was time I join the big dogs.  Love!

My lunch at Stella’s held me over for quite a while; I was also running around like a crazy woman trying to get settled in to the house in which I am house sitting for the next month, but I finally sat down (5 hours later) and enjoyed a snack

Date Heart Thrive Bar with almond butter.  This definitely held me over until dinner…which brings me to my second restaurant review of the day:


My good friend Joanna and I were the first to arrive, so we sat at the bar and had a drink.  It had been a month or so since we saw each other, so I was happy to have this time to catch up.

Pasture prides itself on local food with a southern twist.  We started off with some appetizers of pimento cheese, black eyed pea falafels, spinach dip and veggies

I ordered another glass of wine with dinner:

Beet, chopped salad, citrus vinaigrette, side of broccoli and sweet potatoes

To top it off, my good friend Anne Lee ordered a bottle of champagne and we had the most delicious sliver of chocolate hazelnut cake (which I shared with everyone because it was so rich)


I had a great birthday with great company.  Couldn’t have asked for more.  Time for bed as it’s back to the office tomorrow-goodnight!



  1. Both these restaurants sound amazing! Any place with kale definitely has my heart. Plusss add local products to that and it’s even better 🙂

  2. So jealous of all your new toys! Looks like somebody had a good birthday.

  3. fun!!! pasture looks SO GOOD. and i have wanted to try stellas…maybe i really need to make a trip in the near future…

  4. […] I have a date night planned at Stella’s.  I recently went there for lunch with my parents on my birthday, so I am so excited to go there for dinner.  Plus, it’s on my […]

  5. […] then met my good friend Joanna (far left in the group picture) for a drink at The Franklin Inn for a drink.  It was her […]

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