Posted by: saramcglothlin | June 7, 2012

A Preview Post

Happy almost Friday!

This is going to be quick, because I have to go pack for New York.  I am headed up to the city tomorrow to visit my good friends from college, Nellie & Laura Lea.  We have a fun-filled weekend ahead with good food, friends, and fitness.  I arrive around 7:30 PM, and Nellie and I have plans to grab dinner.  As far as the restaurant goes, I put it in her hands (except I did suggest seafood), and I trust her taste and judgement completely.  I am excited to see where she picks!

We don’t have much on the agenda for Saturday; Nellie made reservations at Peels for Saturday brunch, which I am excited to try.    Looking at the menu, it sounds right up my alley, and Laura Lea even wrote about it in her post from last weekend.  The only other thing planned is Soul Cycle that afternoon, and dinner at Emporio that night.  Can’t wait!

As for today…


I ran with Minty for about 30 minutes this morning.  I had signed up for an evening barre class, so I only wanted to get in a small dose of cardio.

Barre class was amazing, as usual.  For anyone that hasn’t tried it, you don’t know what you are missing!  If you have a barre studio near you, I urge you to go!

Before barre, I grabbed a snack at ET’s:

“Mood Changer Juice” (Kale, apple, lemon, ginger, strawberry), handful of kale chips

What is everyone’s opinion on store-bought kale chips?  I have never had them, as I have always baked my own.  They weren’t my favorite to be honest.  The texture wierded me out; maybe I got the wrong flavor?  Or maybe they just take some getting used to, because they sure are good for you.

Dinner was takeout from ET’s as soon as Patrick got off work (twice in one day!).  I picked up some veggies from the salad bar (not pictured) and some sweet & sour tempeh that I mixed in with my quinoa salad that I made a couple of days ago.

This was soo good.  I wish I could take credit for the entire dish, but sometimes ya gotta take some short cuts.  It was such a nice night we ate outside on the porch with a couple of beers.  I love summer.

See ya Sunday when I get back!



  1. I tried a different kind of store bought kale chips. I don’t remember the brand but they were cool ranch flavor. I really liked them but based on the price, I wouldn’t get them again!

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