Posted by: saramcglothlin | June 10, 2012

In Small Doses: NYC Part 1

For me, everything in moderation even applies to New York City.  I could never live there, but it sure is fun in small doses!  I had such a great weekend visiting with old friends.  I got in around dinner time on Friday night and enjoyed a lovely ride into the city

Nellie greeted me as soon as I arrived.  It was so good to see her!  After getting settled, we headed to dinner.  I had requested seafood, so she made reservations at The Mussel Pot; I was pretty hungry by this point and was about to go back on my seafood suggestion because I thought I needed something more substantial.  As soon as I saw sweet potato fries on the menu however, it was a deal breaker.  Done and done.

We started off with a refreshing cocktail:

Bluebeard: whiskey, club soda, ginger ale, ginger, muddled blueberries

For my dinner, I ordered a salad and a side of sweet potato fries (duh)

Seared Tuna salad with sesame crusted tofu, edamame, citrus vinaigrette

hellooo protein!

Nellie got the crab cake appetizer

Patrick didn’t get into the city until 11 PM (he took the bus), so Nellie and I met him back at her boyfriend’s apartment.  Since it was technically my birthday celebratory weekend, Nellie made Laura Lea’s 1-2-3 cake! for dessert.  She made this one with Banana Cream Jell-O pudding.  It was sooo good!  Patrick and I shared a piece before heading back out.

The four of us headed to The Smith, to catch up.  We grabbed a few drinks and talked for hours.  I was tired from a long week, so it was the perfect evening.

Our hosts: Nellie and Eli

The out-of-towners

I swear my boyfriend likes me…

The next day, we didn’t have too many things planned, and that’s exactly how we wanted it.  Luckily, we did get early brunch reservations at Peels.  I had heard Laura Lea rave about this place, and it lived up to its reputation.

Laura Lea gave me the best welcome gift ever. Three Grab the Gold bars!

Supposedly these little gems are a wonderful snack because they taste good and keep you full and energized (LL talked about them on her Wednesday’s post).  I am always looking for snack suggestions, especially ones that are filling.  Unfortunately, you can only get them in Tennessee or by mail.  She is doing a give-a-way for a box of these babies soon, so check it out!  I know I am going to enter.

On to the eats:

I ordered the Muesli: sunflower & pumpkin seeds, yogurt, fresh fruit

And a side of bacon for the table

Good times.

The only thing Patrick wanted to do was see central park.  We walked around the park for a couple of hours before landing at The Boathouse.

Strawberry Fields:

The boys grabbed a beer at The Boathouse, but Nellie and I did not partake as we had plans to go to SoulCycle later that afternoon…Nellie signed me up a week earlier, because she knew it would be something I would want to do.  She knows me well, because as soon as she suggested it, I was in.  It was SO fun.  Yes fun.  A total body workout that feels like you are dancing on a spin bike.

It incorporates weights, ab work, and push-ups all while on the bike.  Amazing!  I was dripping sweat by the end (sorry if TMI!).  Not to mention our instructor Danny was a riot and had me laughing throughout the whole class.  Unfortunately, lil old Richmond doesn’t have a studio.  Maybe one day.

Have you ever tried SoulCyle?  Is it offered in your city?  If not, what has been your favorite group exercise class you’ve tried thus far?

On that note, I am going to say goodnight.  I bought Fifty Shades of Grey at the airport today, and am dying to go start reading.

I heard it was pre-tty intense.  NYC Part 2 coming tomorrow.  I hope everyone had a good weekend!



  1. YAYAYAYAYAAYAYAY love your blog!!! so great to see you this weekend! can’t wait to read the post about brunch – hope your travels went well xo

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