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Prosciutto Pizza, Cucumber Cocktails, & a Brunch: NYC Part 2

Where was I?  Ah yes, after Nellie and I went to SoulCycle, we headed back to her apartment to get ready for dinner.  But first, I grabbed a snack because I was hOngry after that class.

1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 Peel’s Rosemary-Lemon Buckwheat muffin with Barney Butter

Did you know that grapefruits in NYC cost $1.75??  They must have super powers or something…

Laura Lea made reservations at Emporio for dinner.  I am not usually a fan of Italian fare, but thin crust pizza?  That’s another story.

Pre-dinner spread: wine & bread with EVOO dipping sauce

As a starter, my friend Helen and I shared a salad:

L’Indivia: belgian endive salad with grapes, hazelnut, creamy anchovy vinaigrette, ricotta salata

This was a fancy-schmancy interpretation of a caeser salad.  Delicious nonetheless.

Patrick and I ended up ordering a pizza to share.  Although I thought I could have eaten a whole one by myself, I was glad we decided to split one.  They were big! (I probably could have done it, but a stomach ache would have ensued).

Prosciutto & Arugola buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomato, Grana Padano D.O.P.

I don’t think I have ever had Prosciutto on a pizza before.  The arugola is what really caught my eye because I love that slightly bitter twinge amongst the cheesy goodness.  But I really loved this combination!  I feel a recreation coming…

Of course we started discussing dessert right away.  We briefly talked about going to a frozen yogurt place, but had plans to meet some friends at a bar near by so we opted for (real) ice cream right then and there that we shared among the 4 of us.  No I take that back, it was Gelato-even better!

Salted caramel, Mascarpone, and Chocolate

It was a close call.  I will forever and always characterize myself as a “chocolate person;” this flavor even had dark chocolate chunks hidden inside every bite, but let me tell you, the salted caramel was to die for!  There is no hesitation when I say that one was my favorite.  I think it was the salty-sweet combo for sure.

The night ended with a quick stop at B Bar & Grill to see a good friend of mine from high school who is also living in the city.  I ordered a cucumber daiquiri for my cocktail.

So refreshing!  And this might be a long shot, but I swear it kept me hydrated at the same time…no? yes?  I’ll go with yes.

I love my friends…

Nellie, Eli, Patrick and I said goodbye and went out with a bang at the Bowery Ballroom to see a concert.  The Pimps of Joytime were playing and Patrick had wanted to see them ever since we started planning our trip.  I had never heard of them so of course I gave him a hard time about it (right up until the last minute) because I am not a “concert person.”  Eh, it really depends.  I like live music that I know and I can dance to.  He assured me we would be dancing, so that pushed me over the edge.  Plus, it’s all about compromise, right?

I also know when to admit when I’m wrong: I was wrong and it was fun!  Great night to say the least.

Since my flight didn’t leave until 3:00 on Sunday, I had time to join some of my girlfriends from college for a brunch at my friend Preston’s apartment.  It was a special occasion as they were welcoming my good friend Elizabeth to the city for the summer.

I will let you see for yourself Preston’s presentation.  Straight out of a magazine I swear and equally delicious!

I tried a little bit of everything:

Green salad with onions, apple, bleu cheese, walnuts; asparagus and goat cheese quiche, tomato-basil-mozzarella; fruit salad; blueberry coffee cake

A great meal to top off a great weekend!  Although I don’t miss the city, I miss my friends and would do anything to see them more often (hint hint, Nellie).

I hope everyone had a good Monday; I know it felt like a Monday for me…Goodnight!



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