Posted by: saramcglothlin | June 12, 2012

Big Fan

Ever since I got back to Richmond from my weekend trip to NYC (see recap posts here and here), I quickly snapped back into my routine.  Not that my life is a routine, but being up in the big city really made me appreciate the slower pace of life I live.  But home is where your heart is…or family, friends job…it’s different for everyone!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

The first stop in town before going home was of course, ET’s.  I was coming back to an empty house, and empty refrigerator, so I wanted to pick up some dinner.  That is always my go-to, because I can select from either a hot/cold bar, salad bar, or the wide array of groceries and goods.  Never fails.

My flight got in at a decent hour, so I had a good portion of the afternoon to unwind from the trip.  I took Minty on a walk, after which I unpacked and ate dinner.

Green salad with tomatoes, peppers, corn and black bean salad, with chili spiced shrimp on top

I got the shrimp from ET’s cased goods, and they were HOT.  But I’m not complaining-I looove spicy!

Guess what else I found at Ellwood’s?!  First a background story:

On Saturday morning after brunch at Peels, Nellie and Laura Lea wanted to stop and see their good friend Frances, who was getting a pedicure at a nearby salon.  It just so happened to be her birthday, so Laura Lea brought her some goods.  Out came this…

I couldn’t believe such a thing existed!  How good does that look??  A “healthy Crunch Bar” (welcome to my childhood) as LL called it.  I haven’t tried it yet, but as soon as I saw it, I had to have it.

Have you tried this chocolate bar yet?  If not, what is your favorite chocolate combination?

That has definitely been the highlight of my return.  The beginning of my week has been filled with work, more work, packed lunches, a couple of green juices from ET’s (I’m making it my goal to try every juice on their menu), and a barre class (addicted).  The is if I was to characterize my last two days through food and exercise, which I swear I don’t all the time.

Green salad with grilled chicken, left-over Spinach-Apple-Walnut quinoa salad, Kombucha, remaining half of my Peel’s Rosemary-Lemon-Buckwheat muffin

That lunch was a mouthful…(pun intended)

Lunch today:

Salad with red cabbage, grilled chicken, grapes, walnuts, goat cheese, few M&M’s to satisfy a sweet tooth (not pictured-sweet tooth was strong)


The “Original” Babybel is soo much more flavorful than the “Lite” version FYI.  Probably a “duh” statement, but I swear it was more satisfying for me.  Might just have to keep that in mind…

“Green Supreme:” Kale, swiss chard, celery, apple, lemon, ginger

I had to admit-I was scared hesitant to try this at first.  While I always put spinach, kale, etc. in my smoothies etc., this drink was predominately veggies.  But I loved it!  Yes, you could taste the greens, but that’s what made it good. Learn something (about yourself) everyday.

Last but definitely not least…the inspiration behind this post’s title…the best snack EVER:

Grab the Gold Bar!

HUGE fan (did I say big? I meant huge).  Laura Lea’s initial review when she gave me these didn’t do it justice.  On that note, she is doing a give-away in today’s post, so check it out!  Her excitement over these bars is much more apparent!

3:00 PM rolls around, and although I had already snacked on some Kashi cereal and kale chips an hour earlier, I needed a little something extra.  I remembered what she said about the energy boost with these babies, and tried it out.  I immediately felt a perk, and I will tell you that was 3 hours ago, and I am just now getting hungry (which is perfect because it’s dinner time).  I urge you to enter her giveaway, you won’t be disappointed if you win! Well, when is winning every disappointing?

I’ve got to go eat dinner before my photography class.  On the menu:

Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger with a fried egg, brussels and hummus

Exactly what I had last night BTW, but trying to use what I have and save some mula after a big weekend in the big apple.

Have a good night!



  1. Thanks for the shout out! Love the veggie burger and egg idea; that looks so delicious! Definitely stealing :).

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  3. […] I topped off the meal with a small ramekin of frozen strawberries/ raspberries and a square of dark chocolate + quinoa […]

  4. […] a new bar that I found at ET’s.  I think I subconsciously bought it because it looked like a GTG bar.  Turns out, it tasted pretty […]

  5. […] Lea even sent me home with a goody bag: figs, a Grab the Gold bar, and her homemade Hummingbird […]

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