Posted by: saramcglothlin | June 20, 2012

Taco Tuesday + WIAW

I wasn’t going to recap yesterday, but the title had such a ring to it, I couldn’t resist.  Now, I don’t have tacos every Tuesday, but when Patrick volunteered to make shrimp tacos last night, I was all in.  Coincidence on his part?  Probably not.  Like I’ve said before, he would have tacos every night if he could.

I also want to share with you yesterday’s lunch, because I actually had something else at work besides a salad.  Don’t get me wrong, I still packed a salad to take (which was delicious btw), but one of my co-worker’s had pizza brought in as well.  This happens often around the office; usually I don’t partake because eating pizza mid-day makes me sluggish and full.  I don’t like to eat things that make me want to take a nap when I still have 5 hours to go.  That being said, there was a mushroom, green pepper pie (never call it that) that I could smell from across the room wanted to try.  I wasn’t going to deny myself, so I cut a slice in half and ate it alongside my salad:

Green salad with grilled chicken, edamame, broccoli, red cabbage, tomatoes, left-over parsnip-carrot slaw; 1/2 slice of mushroom, green pepper pizza.  

I also ate an apple to round out the meal.

I don’t know what kind of reputation I’ve gotten at the office (not that, we’re talking food here people), but everyone was surprised that I ate pizza (?).  I think they associate being “healthy” with never eating what we call “bad” foods (pizza, fried food, cake, ice cream etc.).  I’ve been in that place of food denial before, and I can tell you I was less healthy then than I am now.  It’s all about balance and moderation.

After finishing my photography assignment after work (I’ll share with you my favorite one later), I headed over to Patrick’s house where he was cooking our shrimp on the grill.  I helped chop some things and warmed up the tortillas on the stove, but that’s about all I did.  They turned out sooo well.  They were delicious!

Wheat tortillas with cilantro, chile peppers, avocado, tomato, shrimp, sriracha drizzled on top

I hurried to photography where we discussed and took pictures of “light.”  The class usually consists of 45 mins of actual shooting, after which we go inside for a lecture and share our assignment from the week before.  I had 2 due this week (Sense of Place: Richmond; Shades of Light), so I went first.  You definitely find things you want to work on while looking at your image on the projector screen, but all in all, I was proud of my work.

Most of it is artificial light here, but I thought it looked pretty cool…

By the time 10 PM rolls around, I’m hungry again.  However, I am really weird about what I eat right before bed.  I’ve noticed that if I have too many calories, it keeps me awake (i.e. a bowl of cereal used to be my go-to, but I’ve since resorted to even smaller snacks).  I quickly ate an apple and spoonful of almond butter to tide me over.  It was juuust right.

Now onto the fun stuff…exact same type of post really, but this one has a cool logo!

He we are at another WIAW.  I love joining everyone over at Jenn’s blog every week for a lil’ sense of community.


OO with 1/4 c of oatbran + 1/4 cooked quinoa, 1/2 c soy milk, 1 T chia seeds, banana, blueberries, almond butter blob

Loved the quinoa in the mix!

It gave it more of a chewy texture.


My office manager Anne and I teamed up, braved the heat, and got lunch outside of the office for once.  It was a welcome change (despite it being 99 degrees outside).

Turkey, provolone sandwich on a pumpernickel bagel with lettuce, tomato, cukes, deli mustard; apple slices on the side



Snacks entailed a 0% Fage Greek yogurt in the a.m. (not pictured), a Hearth Thrive Chocolate Chip cookie with almond butter a few hours after lunch, and a juice as a pre-barre pick-me-up:

I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful kick friendship between these two…

Green Lemonade from ET’s (sans the lemon):

Kale, parsley, apple, cucumber, ginger

Let’s just say the juicer-guy behind the counter was being a tad difficult about making my green lemonade without the lemon.  I am just not a lemon fan; too much citrus gives me heartburn, and “tart” is not my style.  It all worked out for the best because I discovered my dream juice right here!  Be expecting more of this concoction to come.

I’m off to barre class then to my brother’s house for dinner.  Enjoy the rest of your WIAW!  See you tomorrow!



  1. Mmmm loving the heart thrive/bb combo and pumpernickel bagel sammy! Great eats, m’dear!

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