Posted by: saramcglothlin | July 3, 2012

40 Hours

40 hours of sweet mid-week vacation!  And it’s been glorious so far…but ya know that afternoon “to-do” list from yesterday?

  • Out to lunch with Patrick
  • Pedicure
  • Some me time
  • either 5 o’clock barre (my idea of a happy hour) or hitting golf balls with my brother
  • Cook out tomorrow at my friend Chad and Sarah’s house.

2 out of 5?  Eh, not bad.  One thing I have realized about me-and life in general-is that often things don’t go according to plan, and that is OK.


I took an hour long walk-run outside this morning.  After about 25 minutes however, I had to walk.  It is sooo humid here, and the air almost felt toxic to breathe.  I love the summer, but I can’t wait for this heat wave to end


Another blueberry-banana protein pancake.  I actually added too much soy milk I think, because the batter was a lot thinner than usual.  I was worried it wouldn’t form, but form it did, and I might have actually liked it better!  It tasted more like a pancake, and less like pure protein powder.

I then squeezed it in my to-go container, topped it with walnut butter and sliced banana, and took it to work

And the blueberries?  They are from a local farmer and taste like it too…

I swear you can taste the difference.  Buy Fresh.  Buy Local as they say

Today was a half day at work; I got off at 1 PM and Patrick was supposed to take me out to lunch, but somebody broke their phone two days ago, and he couldn’t call me until after I got off.  Since I was about to eat my foot off, I didn’t wait for him, and used up the last of my collard greens to make yet another delicious wrap

Black bean burger, hummus, avocado, sliced apple, baked sweet potato

This filled me up and kept me that way for a good 5 hours!

My brother called soon after, and said he too was off early, so we went to the golf range.  I cancelled my barre class right away.   I hadn’t picked up a club in nearly 2.5 years, so I was a little nervous.  But, my dad it a very good golfer, and I swear I inherited some skills.  I hit it 100 yards a few times!

That’s not me, that’s my bro.  He hit it a lot farther than I…

It was a beautiful, hot day.  So worth it.  He even gave me his old clubs, so I hope to be making it out more often.

By this point, I was pretty hungry, so I grabbed an Earnest bar, smothered it with almond butter, and took it down like a champ

And now my friends, it’s time for a cook out.  Happy 4th of July!!


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