Posted by: saramcglothlin | July 12, 2012

My First Falafel

Happy S.H.I.T. Day!  Sure Happy It’s Thursday…yes, a man who works in my office actually said that to me this morning in our break room.  I might or might not have laughed out loud, waiting for the moment I could write that in my post…

OK, enough of that.  I saw this on Pinterest the other day (oh yea, I finally got on Pinterest last week…I’m late to the pinning party, I know…)

And I have to say, each time I have started out for my run this week, I have kept this quote in the back of my mind (among all the other thoughts that surface during my run-it gets crowded in there!).  I haven’t been able to run a lot recently, and I have to admit that it’s frustrating me.  Although taking a break last month while dog sitting was somewhat of a relief, I miss the sense of accomplishment after finishing a 4-5 mile run.  When I logged 7 miles while training for the 10K I ran in March (pre-blog), it was such a great feeling; for the endorphins, yes, but also because I had no idea I could do that!  I am by no means targeting 7 miles anytime soon, but to get back to maintaining at least a jog for 4 miles is my goal for next week.  This morning I made it 3.5 before walking a mile, so I’m almost there!

What keeps you going when you feel you want to stop?

My breakfast (same thing as yesterday) and lunch (green salad with grilled chicken, hummus, feta) were quite uneventful today, but dinner tonight was a first, so I definitely wanted to share.

My First Falafel

I don’t know what on earth I was confusing a falafel with, but Patrick had to tell me it’s made from a chickpea mixture, not meat.  How did I not know this??

Patrick cooked me dinner tonight, which was great, because I had no desire to do it myself.  I got out of Barre class at 7:30 and headed straight over.

He said he started with a box of this:

…It did pique my interest to see exactly how one makes the “mixture.”  I googled it for about a minute before dinner, but it is something I will need to look more into.

And out came these:

With which I made this:

Falafels in a whole wheat pita with cukes, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce; a side of greens and cous cous; cukes and hummus.

See that beer back there?  I took a sip and gave it to Patrick to finish.  Normally I would say that is uncharacteristic of me, but after a very detoxifying barre class, it was the last thing I wanted to put in my body.  I opted for the Gingerade Kombucha instead.

I loved the falafels, by the way!  I definitely want to try and recreate this meal from scratch.

I’m headed to bed, goodnight!



  1. I just got a box of falafel mix, and i’ve been dying to try it out.. i’m a newbie to it as well. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    –ps; i just love that pesto dressing you posted the other day!

  2. I just tried Kombucha for the first time! Definitely an acquired taste, but I head it’s really good for you!

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