Posted by: saramcglothlin | August 4, 2012

In the Moment

I’ve been saying for a while now how I wish I could live (and think) “more in the moment.”  I am a worrier for sure; not a constant worrier, but still, someone who expends a lot of energy thinking.  What am I going to have for dinner tonight?  What if I don’t finish this project on time?  When can I fit a workout in?  Where will I be in 5 years?  This sound familiar?

This is why exercise and running have been among other things, a saving grace.  It allows me to get out some of that energy, do some of my thinking, but also just be, pound the pavement, and start my day.  I get a lot of thinking done during this time.

I went to bed last night around 10:00 PM, so I was awake and ready to get my run on around 6:30 AM this morning.  There is nothing like waking up (naturally) to a beautiful day and craving a run.  It’s a very peaceful feeling.  As I walked out my front door to 72 degrees and sunny, I felt a calm come over me.  This doesn’t happen very often, but in that fleeting moment I was in the “now” and purely happy.  I wasn’t worrying about work, or bills, or if I will ever get married, but truly grateful that I was in that moment.

Bottom line: I’ve had a good morning!

Are you more of a worrier, or seize-the-day kinda person?  When are you most happy?

I ran (and when I say run, I mean jogged) about 4.5 miles this morning.  I found my way amongst some runners in a group training for an upcoming marathon (which I will not be partaking in this year) and pretended like I was right there with them.  It may sound silly, but it kept me going, especially around mile 3 when I wanted to walk.  I also knew what was waiting for me at the finish line.

Starbucks!  I ordered a grande ice coffee, unsweetened, and got myself a WSJ.

Once home, I added coconut milk and a splenda to the coffee and sipped it down while making breakfast

Blueberry-Banana-Chia PP with homemade almond butter and cinnamon

This was berry good! tee hee 🙂

I met Patrick’s sister-in-law Bea (who you saw here) at Barre for her introductory class.  Turns out she loved it and bought the new student’s package for 1 month unlimited classes!  I swear I am a walking advertisement for barre.  Have you ever done barre?

Today was the last day for the Barre Star Challenge AND my 21st class.  You only needed to get to 20, but hey, I’m an overachiever


The “winners” got $50 off their next 20-class package purchase, a free richmondbarre tank, and a chance to win a $50 massage.  I REALLY wanted that massage.  Although my name did not get drawn, I picked up a brochure.  $50 for a 60 minute massage??  I’ve never seen a deal that good!  I’m definitely checking this out.


Now I’m headed to the pool with my best friend Polly for some much needed sun.  I’m taking a roadie with me, because I’m not quite hungry for lunch but don’t want to lay out on an empty stomach:

Green smoothie with frozen mango, fresh peach, cuke slices, spinach, almond milk, 0% fage yogurt


Have a good Saturday!



  1. Yeah, I’m a total worrier/ planner. I spend a lot of time thinking too. But I attribute it to the fact that I’m a perfectionist so if I act rashly, I usually end up looking back and wishing I had done something differently. Planning doesn’t always prevent that though. It is so nice when you can just live in the moment.

    • I’m such a perfectionist too, which explains my need to plan as well. This is so apparent at work when I have my list of to-do’s all organized and then something comes up all of a sudden throwing me totally off track! I literally have to rerail my thinking. I do have a hard time being in the moment (which is why yoga doesn’t work for me as much) but when it happens, it’s great!

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