Posted by: saramcglothlin | August 5, 2012

Name That Vegetable


How weird is that!? Do you know what that is?  I would have had NO idea if Polly hadn’t told me it was an eggplant.  Yes, that my friends is an eggplant.  Yesterday while we were at the pool, she was telling me about a vegetable delivery service she uses.  She asked me about some ways I cook eggplant, and I raved about the Pesto Eggplant Pizza I made recently.  She looked at me confused, and now I know why.  There is no way you could use that eggplant in this recipe.  We ended up debating whether that is an eggplant at all, but given the pictures below, I guess they come in all shapes and sizes!



Very interesting…

That being said, all this talk of eggplants made me crave the meal again, so I had it for dinner tonight!

Pesto Eggplant Pizza with brussels sprouts and peach slices


I looove Summer


P.S…the brussels sprout crunchies (a.k.a. cooked leaves) are definitely my favorite part.  Like a potato chip, but better!


A couple of other fun facts about my day:

1.  Recipe Update:  before I turn into a Quinoa Black Bean Sweet Potato Patty (I had one for dinner Friday night, lunch on Saturday, lunch on Sunday, and one is ready and packed for lunch tomorrow!), I wanted to share with you how I changed the recipe from Friday night to today.  Instead of adding the quinoa before using the hand blender, I used it to compact all the other ingredients afterwards.  It created a casing, if you will.  They turned out much better and were not so mushy and hard to handle.


2.  I think I’ve perfected the protein pancake.  I multi-tasked and was able to prepare two for the next couple of days WITH the perfect flip might I add (Note: I do like mine a little burnt.  Sorry I’m not sorry)


3.  While preparing said pancakes, I cracked an egg and out came double yokes!  At first I was excited because I had heard this meant good luck, but after googling the topic, I’m not so sure.  I came across a variety of meanings (good fortune, an upcoming marriage, pregnancy, a death in the family).  I think I’ll stick with the first one.  Thanks.


4.  I read an article in the WSJ today on Decoding the Science of Sleep.  You can read the full article here; the history on our sleep cycle is actually very interesting.  Nerd alert!  While this is not new knowledge for me, I still feel compelled to go to bed right after I finish this post.  It’s 8:00 PM.  Go get your 8 hours!





  1. […] highlight of my work day was of course lunch.  I topped a green salad with a Quinoa Black Bean Sweet Potato Patty and 1/2 avocado.  I drizzled it with the balsamic vinegar that Kate gave me for my birthday, and […]

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