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WIAW: On The Road Again

Am I glad to be home! Although I was in NYC for less than 24 hours, traveling for work always takes it out of me. Before I transitioned into my new job however, I was on the road a lot more often, so I feel as though I’ve got it down.

This brings me to the topic of this week’s WIAW post as I outline for you how I navigate travel with keeping relatively healthy.

Thanks Jenn for hosting!  You might not see any summer staples in this post, but hopefully you will find some of these travel tips useful!

When I know I am going to be away from home for a period of time (without access to the healthiness that is my kitchen) I get what I would call “food panic.”. This was a term coined by a woman I nannied for who was about to embark on a two week trip to Italy. I thought she described it perfectly; I mean, I know airports are getting better, but there are not the healthiest of options to be found. Therefore all it takes is some preparation.

Some other suggestions would be Larabars, KIND bars (or any other snack bars), trail mix, pretzels, etc.
When flying, I make sure to stay very hydrated (which wins over my hatred of using the bathroom on airplanes) and choosing high-protein foods in order to avoid feeling weighed down.

For Breakfast yesterday, I incorporated an extra dose of protein

Blueberry-Banana-Flax protein pancake with 0% Fage yogurt

On the plane, I ate a babybel lite cheese round and some baby carrots I packed that morning (not pictured)

Once in new York, my office manager had lunch waiting for us in our  NY office

Chop’t Harvest Salad: grilled chicken, beets, apple slices, walnuts, goat cheese with spa balsamic dressing

A couple of hours later, I broke into a Sarabar. My stomach started growling right before I was about to be put to work, and I knew I needed my energy up!

Before heading out to meet some friends for drinks and dinner, I snacked on a banana and some almond butter (not pictured).

Sooo as you can see, I eat frequently throughout the day for a couple of reasons: to keep my energy up, prevent from getting so hungry that I don’t make healthy choices at meals, ensure I don’t go grabbing the bags of chips, chocolate chip cookies, and Cracker Jacks that are lying around in bowls around our conference room.

The highlight of my trip was definitely seeing these gals again!  I was worried I wasn’t going to get to see Laura Lea because she was not able to make dinner, but we carved about 20 minutes out of the evening to quickly catch up.


Nellie and I then headed to dinner at La Fonda Del Sol.  Normally I don’t prefer tapas because I never feel satisfied and tend to like my own entrée, but I was definitely satisfied…we ate a lot of food!

Some of my favorites: the Blistered Green Peppers (with flaked sea salt, lemon) and some fried balls of cheese but I can’t remember the name.  I never thought I would say “fried balls of cheese” on my blog.  Another first (and probably the last, but it was worth it!)

WIA Today

I tried to choose the healthiest options given what was provided.  For breakfast, I bypassed the pastries and went with a light and simple meal

Total whole grain cereal, Stonyfield low fat plain yogurt (which I picked over the nonfat, fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt), and a banana.  I mixed it all together and voila.

Lunch was interesting.  I discovered that no one is really thinking about nutrition while planning a work conference.  That doesn’t mean that nothing looked good, because it did, so I tried to fill my plate with mostly fruit and veggies, with some other things to taste

Chopped salad, summer veggies, Fat Elvis sandwich (banana, PB, bacon), a pesto and brie grilled chicken sandwich, fruit

How I went about this: I couldn’t pass up the Fat Elvis; I really wanted to try it, so I had a bite and then ate one of the halves of bread.  I ended up eating the middle of the pesto sandwich because the bread was really dry.  Not too bad I would say.

A few more airport snacks ensued a few hours later.  My flight ended up being delayed 2 hours, and this is where preparation pays off!





Once home, I stopped by Ellwood’s for some sushi (salmon with brown rice) and some greens.  Love me some greens after a night of indulgence!


I’m off to unpack and hit the hay.  G’night!

What are some of your travel tips for staying healthy?


  1. LOVED seeing you!! See you in a month 🙂

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