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I am neither a registered dietitian nor a fitness trainer.  With this blog you accept my corny jokes, decision to have cereal for dinner (with no vegetables), love of good beer, need to sometimes walk not run, and lack of accuracy in any of the related topics

At least she liked the post!

Oh yea…I also know how to laugh at myself.  I might just continue to call it kettle ball…because I can.


  • 4 mile run this morning.  I actually changed up my route for the first time since I moved into my apartment I live in now (almost 1.5 years ago).  Let’s just say it was time and it definitely helped.
  • Barre class that kicked my butt (‘scuse my French)


I had banana bread for breakfast and it was darn good.  Unlike traditional banana bread that might send your blood sugar crashing an hour later, this kept me full for almost a good 4 hours (a feat I tell you).  Oh and I think I met my match this morning.  I had almond milk for the first time (in my coffee), and I’m in love.  Over the past 4 years I have gone from dairy milk, to soy milk, to coconut milk, and now to almond milk trying to find the perfect “milk” for me.  I love the nutty taste, and although my resistance to make the switch from soy centered around the lack of protein of the latter two, there are other health benefits (see below).  I just need to be sure to up my protein intake from elsewhere.

Banana Bread atop 0% Fage yogurt with an almond butter blob

and a coffee with almond milk.

Almond milk 
Pro: Made from ground almonds mixed with water and sweetener, almond milk has become quite popular in the last several years, Gazzaniga-Moloo said.  It shares several properties of dairy milk: Both have a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, and a comparable fat content. Almond milk also has a rich, nutty taste and comes in several flavors, making it an attractive alternative for those allergic to dairy or soy.

Con: Protein is sparse in almond milk, with only 1 gram per cup, compared with 7 and 8 grams for soy and cow’s milk, respectively. It’s not suitable for those with nut allergies and lacks the B vitamins in cow’s milk. Some almond milk has substantial amounts of sugar added, Gazzaniga-Moloo noted, making it worth a peek at each brand’s ingredient list.



Green salad with sauteed tofu, chopped walnuts, chimichuri sauce; peach

I had some more almond milk AND almond butter in my pre-barre green smoothie

In the mix:

  • Frozen peaches
  • fresh blueberries
  • almond milk
  • chopped kale
  • almond butter blob on top


Sweet potato fish tacos

  • 1/2 baked sweet potato
  • 1/2 avocado
  • whole wheat tortilla
  • tilapia

I had prepared my baked sweet potato beforehand by baking it for an hour at 400 degrees.  Then, season tilapia with salt and pepper, Cook over medium-high heat 4-6 minutes per side, or until done

Spread mashed sweet potato and 1/2 avocado onto wrap

Top with tilapia

I had toasted my wrap for 10 minutes in the toaster oven, so it was not easily “rolled;” but despite it being a tad messy, it was delicious…and on (an unintentional) taco tuesday nonetheless.

I had a side of uncooked squash and zucchini slices

Which type of milk do you prefer: cow, soy, coconut, almond, hemp, rice…?



  1. I just bought some coconut milk made by Silk to use in smoothies. I haven’t tried it yet, but I wanted something different than regular cow’s milk. Tomorrow will be my first smoothie concoction!

  2. […] Grains Granola with 1/2 banana, dark chocolate chips, almond milk (which I love in my cereal too!), and almond butter splattered on top. And just to give you a “taste” of fall and […]

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