Posted by: saramcglothlin | September 2, 2012

Laying Low

Hi there!  How’s everyone’s labor day weekend going?  I hope you are somewhere sunny and fun…it has been very cloudy/rainy here in Richmond, but day after tomorrow I’m headed to the beach so I don’t mind all the much.

I took it easy last night.  My afternoon consisted of baking more banana bread, reading my book, cooking dinner, and watching Indecent Proposal.  I have never felt like such a girl.  But hey, I had an enjoyable evening.


Sweet potato fish taco and garlic kale chips


This might just be one of the easier meals to fix.  The only prep is baking the potato, which takes about an hour in the oven at 400 degrees.  You can simplify it further by microwaving it as well, but I prefer mine baked.  Then, spread 1/2 of the potato on a whole wheat tortilla, add 1/2 avocado sliced, and cooked fish of your choice.  I used tilapia, with which I sprayed EVOO cooking spray, coated with salt and pepper, and cooked 4 minutes per side on a skillet over medium high-heat.  SO easy!

For the Kale chips, I placed pre-chopped kale on a baking sheet, sprayed with EVOO cooking spray, and sprinkled sea salt and garlic powder.  Bake 15 minutes at 375 degrees.

Instead of going out and meeting up with my friends last night at 10PM for the post-wedding festivities, I decided to go to bed.  I knew that is what I needed, and I was right.  I got 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep and woke up this morning feeling so refreshed.  I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything (like I normally would) because I knew I did the best thing for me and can enjoy today.  And it has been a pretty good day so far!

I started the day with a 4-mile run.  It is hot and muggy here and while I wish it had been cool and crisp, I got out a good sweat.  Plus, I knew a cool breakfast was waiting for me when I got home!

0% Fage yogurt topped with banana bread and almond butter; coffee with almond milk


I ended up leaving out the agave this time around so this batch is 100% paleo (although I am not paleo-clearly because of the yogurt-I just wanted to see how it would taste without a sweetener besides honey.  Turns out, it’s not needed!)


Now all I need is for Nellie to wake up!  We have got a fun day planned:

Enjoy your Sunday!

How do you spend your evenings in??



  1. That day sounds lovely! Totally jealous of your fish tacos! Have a great rest of the weekend xoxo

  2. Mmm your kale chips look amazing! And nothing beats a yogurt mess haha:)

    • Best kind of breakfast I think!

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