Posted by: saramcglothlin | September 6, 2012

Beach Banana Nut Muffins

Hi everyone!  Happy Thursday to you…well I guess I should say “happy” to all you working folk, but it’s not-so-happy for me as it marks my last full day in Virginia Beach.  While I am sad to see my vacation come to a close, this week flying solo has been everything I wanted and more.  I feel rested, recharged, and ready for Fall!

If only I could wake up to this every morning


I walked the same route as yesterday, which turns out to be about 5.2 miles!  If only exercise could feel like this everyday


It took me a little longer today, because I found quite the collection of sea glass



I wish I could say finding sea glass was like finding a penny heads-up…I’d be a lucky girl



Same as yesterday’s


I went a little overboard on the blueberries on purpose



I was feeling kind of “snacky” this afternoon, so I made 1/2 of the usual open-faced turkey sandwich and added some nibbles on the side:



About an hour after lunch, an afternoon thunderstorm rolled through.  I didn’t mind because (a) I love a good afternoon thunderstorm, (b) I was getting a lot of sun and probably needed to get out of it, and (c) it gave me the perfect opportunity to make Mark (the owner of the house) some banana nut muffins to show my appreciation.  He will be arriving late tomorrow night after I leave, so this way he will have a homemade breakfast for the morning.

Beach Banana Nut Muffins

The reason I’ve coined them “beach” banana nut muffins is because you will probably see this recipe here once.  There’s no whole wheat flour, almond flour, or flax seed in the mix.  Just good ole’ fashioned butter, sugar, and bananas (etc).  I know that the average man might not like my healthy spin on sweets and baked goods, so I thought I’d do Mark a favor and get traditional.

I googled “banana muffins” and came across this recipe from


The only tweak I made was adding 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and 1/3 c chopped walnuts



*A little tip:

Don’t allow muffins (or bread) to cool in the pan.  The bottoms of the baked good will continue to cook and come out hard.  Remove them right away and allow to cool on a rack or cutting board

I will probably have one for dessert tonight.  They smell absolutely amazing and I can’t resist.  Topped with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate…

Definitely won’t resist.

Are there any foods you don’t “healthify?”

Everything in moderation!



  1. Mmmm I love banana nut muffins! The ugliest bananas always make the best muffins:)

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