Posted by: saramcglothlin | September 8, 2012

No Need to Detox

Usually when I come back from vacation, I feel the need to detox.  I have never gone to the extreme of doing a juice cleanse or anything like that, but I make sure to eat clean for a while, stay away from alcohol, and jack up the cardio in order to sweat out the past week’s indulgences.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to not have come home to that anxiety feeling this weekend.  I can eat the way I’ve been eating, exercise the way I’ve been exercising, and even have a beer or two tonight (plan on it) because although I was on vacation, I maintained the same healthy habits I do here at home.  It was all about balance. I ate, and yes I drank, and simply walked on the beach for exercise, and you know what?  Getting on the scale this morning I discovered I’ve lost a pound since the last time I weighed.  I rarely ever get on the scale (I hate them) but I knew I needed to prove that to myself.  Would I have maintained those healthy habits if I had been there with a group of friends?  I don’t know; I’d like to think that they are now so ingrained in my lifestyle I can carry them with me in any situation.  And now that I know this healthy, happy feeling, hopefully I will use it as motivation for next time.

After getting a good 8 hours of sleep last night in my own bed (the best feeling) I went on a short run.  It had been about a week since the last time I ran, and it didn’t come easily to me.  I did a loop that equated to about 3.2 miles


I didn’t stop, but it did make me more nervous about having to run 8 miles in 3 weeks…I think know I can

Shortly after (and a load of laundry later) I fixed some breakfast:

Blueberry-banana-Flax protein pancake; coffee with almond milk



A much needed barre class was next on the agenda


With having my friends in town last weekend, and being away last week, I hadn’t been to barre in over a week and a half.  I was glad to be back.

Another item on my to-do list this morning was stopping by Barnes and Noble.  As part of my membership, I received two discount cards in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I knew just what to use them on


I can’t wait to read Gone Girl.   I first heard it suggested on a blog and have seen it pop up since.  Both Laura Lea and Lauren have given it good reviews, so it is definitely next on my list.

I’ve also heard lots about Tosca Reno from Brittany’s blog and it sounded like my kind of cookbook.  One of my favorite things to do is sit down with a cookbook and dog-ear the recipes I can’t wait to cook.  Nerd alert, I know…

While running errands, I had a Kombucha to quench my thirst and tide me over until lunch


Lunch was a winner today, especially since I filled my plate with veggies.  I had been craving them after the lack thereof this past week.

Cukes, grape tomatoes, and red/yellow/green peppers


Mini-lettuce wraps with turkey and hummus


2% cottage cheese with chopped Medjool dates


What are some ways you get back on track after an indulgent vacation?  Do you ever feel anxious afterwards, or tend not to sweat it?


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