Posted by: saramcglothlin | September 11, 2012

You Know It’s Fall When

You know it’s Fall when you wake up in the morning and it’s 57 degrees outside and you have to wear a coat to the gym.

You know it’s Fall when you no longer read about me eating Blueberry protein pancakes because pumpkin pancakes is all I can think about I want to eat.

This morning’s breakfast was the same as yesterday’s but topped with a banana as well

And coffee with almond milk of course

you DEFINITELY know it’s Fall when Women’s Health encourages you to “get a Jeans-Body” with their workout.

A seasonal play on a “bikini-body” workout perhaps?  I thought this was actually kind of silly, but the exercises weren’t!  After finishing the magazine on the stair-stepper (20 mins), I got right to it:

Jump Rope 45 secs
Squat to shoulder press 1 min
Jump Rope 45 secs
Straight-Leg Deadlift with Row 1 min
Jump Rope 45 secs
Push-up Row 1 min
Jump Rope 45 secs
Golf Squat 1 min
Jump Rope 45 secs
Jump Rope 45 secs

With a 30 second rest period in between each exercise, that is all I had time for this morning.  It took me about 20 minutes to complete.  It was still a great short circuit!

Check out the full workout here

I’m going to continue to tone at barre class.  Have a good night!

Do you ever try any of the exercise routines in fitness/health magazines?

I never used it, but since I’ve wanted to incorporate more circuits into my workouts, the magazines are a great resource!  I just pick and choose.



  1. Seriously, who can’t get enough pumpkin?!!!

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