Posted by: saramcglothlin | September 15, 2012

A Soft Landing

This past week was an emotional roller coast to say the least; a very hard contrast to last week’s relaxing beach vacation.  But in my wise age of 27, I’ve come to realize that that’s life.  I think as humans, we have to have those bad days to appreciate the good.  We must experience those periods of sadness to know what it means to be happy.

Thank goodness Friday was a good day.  A soft landing to the week to say the least.


After tracking my route via Mapquest, I figured out I ran 4.8 miles.  It still seems a long way off from the 8-miler I plan to run in 2 weeks, but my confidence is building.


Oatless “Oatmeal” in a jar (OOIAJ)

I had an almost empty bar of almond butter that did the trick


Using this recipe, I filled it with oatless “oats” and brought it to work


I got to leave work mid-morning to pick up Laura Lea from the airport.  Although I saw her a month ago, it was so good to see her again so soon! Before dropping her off at a friend’s house, we made a quick stop by Ellwood’s for some green smoothies


LL got the “Mean Green” with strawberries (strawberries, banana, soy yogurt, maple syrup, spinach), while I got the “Strawberry Sensation” and added spinach (strawberries, orange, soy yogurt, spinach).  It was perfect to tide me over until lunch


Green salad with Dr. Praegger’s veggie burger, 1/2 avocado, baked sweet potato




Right after work my friend Kate and I headed to Julep’s, a restaurant downtown I have been dying to try.  I had a groupon that was about to expire, so I’m glad to agreed to accompany me, although the only reservation available was 5:30 PM! #earlybirdspecial

We both started out with a beer


Then ordered the Artisanal Cheese plate for an app:

Hand Selected Cheeses Featuring the Best of Virginia Farms Paired with Homemade Sour Cream Crackers and Seasonal Jam





Out came the most delicious cornbread!  I love a restaurant that serves cornbread and butter in lieu of regular bread.  This is my kind of place


For my entree, I ordered the pan seared scallops, but I accidentally deleted the picture.  Sorry y’all!

Creamed Corn, Roasted Potatoes, Rainbow Swiss Chard and a Local Heirloom Tomato Relish.

We then met a few friends at Hardywood Park Brewery.  I had never been and was in awe.  It was such a cool place!  I will definitely be going back.  I was very tired after a long week, so I stayed for a beer (and a cup of water) then headed home

I’m headed to barre class.  Happy Saturday!

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