Posted by: saramcglothlin | September 16, 2012

Figs & Fun

Hey there friends!  I am going to have to let the pictures do the talking today; I had a “deeper” post in my mind ready to type out, but something has come up so I am kind of in a rush.  I have some HUGE news that I will share shortly, but for right now, I need to keep it brief.

I was lucky this weekend in that I got to see Laura Lea a lot more than I anticipated.  I was not included in the wedding that she was in town for, so I was worried I wasn’t going to get to see her at all.  BUT after barre class on Saturday morning, the beautiful weather motivated me to take a walk outside.  I ended up walking right past the house where she was staying so I dropped in for a bit.  We lounged around outside and played with the dogs (always makes for a happy day)


Lo and behold there was a fig tree growing right in the backyard, which made for an awesome treat!

Laura Lea even sent me home with a goody bag: figs, a Grab the Gold bar, and her homemade Hummingbird Bar.

The figs went right into my protein pancake this morning



Which I ate right after I made it 5 miles on my run this morning – I mapquested my exact route (as you can see).  It feels so good to keep increasing my mileage.  I am becoming less and less intimidated about running that 8-miler in two weeks.


You can’t make this stuff up!

I saw Laura Lea a third and final time today at lunch.  We headed to The Continental where they had a good mix of both brunch and lunch items on the menu.  I’m not a brunch person, so I thought this was a good spot in case someone else wanted a more breakfast-oriented meal.

I ordered the Kale Caeser, but substituted the fried shrimp for baked salmon:

organic black kale, parmesan, asiago, housemade caesar, topped with crispy fried shrimp, housemade croutons


As if that wasn’t enough, I took her to Sweet Frog for some dessert

Coconut and cookie batter fro yo, chocolate shavings, graham crackers, peanut butter sauce


It was a good Sunday with good friends


Please excuse my “casual Sunday” look.  I wear Sunday well, don’t I?

If you haven’t checked out LL’s blog Beanie Bumbles, I urge you to do so!

I’m off to share my news with my family at Sunday night dinner.  Stay tuned!



  1. Yey, congrats on upping your mileage!!!

    • Thanks Anne! I am feeling much better about it

  2. Hi! So glad you used the figs in your pancake! Looks delicious. Can’t wait for you to share your news :). I had so much fun seeing you and it really was a treat that we got more time together than anticipated. Night lady! xoxo

  3. Just wrote you a long comment and it didn’t show up! But basically…1) Figs in pancake = delicious 2) can’t wait for you to share your news and 3) so glad we got extra time together! Miss you already! xoxo

  4. Im pretty sure I spent 9 hours with you on Saturday and 5 on Sunday…no mention of that in the post?!!!

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