Posted by: saramcglothlin | September 19, 2012

WIAW: Tofu B-B-Q

Hey there!  I feel like it has been a couple of days since I posted my eats of late, so WIAW makes for the perfect opportunity to get back on track!  Go check out Jenn’s blog for the whole nine yards!

One of the perks of my new job (that starts NEXT week!) is that I get about an extra hour of sleep.  That’s right-no more 4:45AM wake up call.  I still plan to work out in the mornings, but I will be able to start at 6:00 AM instead.  Getting an extra hour of sleep is my new healthy habit this Fall.


Pumpkin Protein Pancake

It turned out more like a scramble because I burnt my finger mid-flip.  I also found that with making pumpkin pancakes, it’s better to do smaller-sized pancakes as the batter tends to be drier than when using banana.  I tried this for tomorrow’s breakfast, and it worked.


Green Salad with curry tofu and avocado


Sooo I have a date tonight, so for the sake of not having to take pictures of my dinner, I will share my dinner from last night.  I wanted to post this anyway:

Tofu B-B-Q

I started with 1/3 block of pressed tofu, and diced it up into a “ground-meat” like consistency


Heating a skillet over medium heat, I mixed the tofu with 2 T of Annie’s Organic BBQ Sauce


And put it on an Arnold’s Whole Wheat sandwich thin and paired it with a baked sweet potato.  Kind of boring and brown, but it did the trick and was tasty too!




How do you like your tofu prepared best?



  1. The tofu sounds so amazing! “Meat and potatoes” is the way to go…if it’s tofu and a yam! Mmm

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