Posted by: saramcglothlin | September 26, 2012

A Field Trip

Hi there!  I am sorry it has been a while since posting.  I am now working 2-2.5 hours later than I did at my old job, so I am pretty tired (but happy!) when I get home.  There is something to be said about loving your job and not watching the clock tick by until it’s time to leave.  My morning routine has also changed for the better; not only am I able to attend a 6:00 – 7:00 AM workout class at my gym (and starting next week, barre will also be offered at this time!), I can also eat breakfast at home, in a bowl, sitting at a dining room table.  I swear, the things we take for granted in life.  

The first couple of days at Health Warrior were spent getting situated, setting up my computer, learning my daily duties etc.  This morning however, we (as in the 4 people who work in my office including myself) took a field trip to Toano, VA to visit one of our manufacturing facilities.  I was amazed (basically because I am amazed with everything that is “Health Warrior”), as it was cool to see that side of the business.  Just the one of many steps it takes to keep things going.  



If you have noticed that it is hard to find chia seeds in your local store or even online, it is because there is currently a shortage of seeds.  Who woulda’ thunk it.  Our farmers are located in both Chile and Australia, so we’ve got the hook up for another supply real soon, but it will still take a few weeks until back in-stock.  Patience is a virtue!  These bags are probably all that exists in the country (kidding…kind of)







I enjoyed looking around at all that La Tienda had to offer.  The facility is interestingly known for its supply of fine Spanish food.  



Retail price of this high-end La Tienda pork leg: $800


I’m planning to make my famous fish tacos for dinner tonight.  Have a good rest of your evening!

Do you have a “cool” job?  What do you like best about it?



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