Posted by: saramcglothlin | October 5, 2012

My First Demo

HAPPY Friday! I hope everyone is ready for the weekend-probably an understatement, but at least it’s here.  I had a different kind of day…I did my first demo for Health Warrior!  Part of my job will be to schedule visits at various retailers that hold our product and host tastings for customers, which will then (hopefully) result in increased sales.  The big daddy of them all will be the Whole Foods demos, but today involved one of what we call an “independent” account: organic cafes, natural grocery stores, markets, etc.  Urban Farmhouse has been selling our bars for a while, and since our office is right around the corner, the owners invited us to do a two-hour demo.  Basically I was to hand out free samples, inform customers of all the benefits of chia, and encourage them to buy.    I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to answer certain questions (despite doing my research) but as soon as I got going, I couldn’t stop talking!  It’s so meant to be 🙂

Thank goodness I had Jen there to help me


Peanut Butter Chocolate, Acai Berry, and Coconut to taste!



Ready to buy!





It was very fun, and I loved being able to talk to real people “out in the field.”  It’s amazing how many people are not aware of chia seed!


Now I wanted to give a quick workout recap of the week:

  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: 3.5 mile run; 1 mile walk/cool-down
  • Tuesday: 6 AM Barre class*
  • Wednesday: Spin
  • Thursday: 6 AM Barre class
  • Friday: 5 mile run; afternoon walk after work**

*This was the first week barre classes were offered at 6 AM!  Before, when I heard the time slot was being offered, I was a little disappointed because with my old job, I would never have been able to make it (yup-6 AM was still too late) but with the flexibility of my new job, it works out!

If you had asked me a year or two ago if I would have gone a week having 3 days sans cardio, I would have called you crazy.  I am quite the cardio-fiend, but barre still makes me feel like I’m getting a sufficient workout; it’s a different kind of exercise and I feel great afterwards and throughout the day, and that is basically all that I ask!

**I also usually never workout twice in a day, but after work I was feeling very sleepy.  The devil on my shoulder told me to go home and take a nap; but the angel reminded me that it was a beautiful fall afternoon and should be enjoyed…outside…while being active (no happy hour on a rooftop deck does not count).  Plus, it was the golden hour-my favorite time of day.  You know, when the light of the early evening casts a golden glow over everything.





I love this time of year.  Plus, I knew it would make that Friday night cocktail taste a lot better

Have a good night!





  1. The evenings are so lovely right now, I am getting nervous about it getting dark too early soon though, I don’t want to say goodbye to the sunshine in the few hours I’m not working haha.

    Are Health Warrior Chia Seeds available at WF yet? I am almost out and would love to give them a try this weekend!

  2. That looks so fun! Are all the bars available at all WF? I looked tonight and didn’t see them?!

    • Really?? Which location were you in? Maybe the shipment hasn’t come in yet, but they should be! Keep checking or ask a sales assistant!

  3. Those chia bars look incredible! The flavors sound so amazing. Sounds like such a fun job!:)

    • They are really good! Coconut is by far my favorite flavor

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